A brief but growing page of the questions we're asked.

Where do you operate?

Easy, click this link for full details of the AREA WE COVER.

Do you have a shop I can visit?

No, sorry.  I started out with a vision of being a mobile mechanic that specialises in fixing bikes.  If we had premises they would increase our fixed costs and mean that we would have to start retailing complete bikes as well as parts.  Ultimately this would mean we would need to employ someone to either sell the bikes or twiddle the spanners.  This is a vicious circle in my opinion as the bicycle selling would be so important to the success of the business I would find it hard to relinquish that control and that would mean that I wouldn't be repairing the bikes myself which is why I started in the first place.  A long answer but there you go! 

Oh, it also means with lower overheads we can afford to keep prices competitive.

Can you supply parts?

Oh yes!  Whilst  we didn't want to become a mobile bike shop we do have a fairly comprehensive range of parts on board the van at all times.  However, for high end or niche parts like Sturmey Archer a bit of lead time to get them in stock is appreciated.

I've been on the Internet and bought my own parts, can you fit them for me?

You bet, that's what we do best!

I've got lots of little niggly things that are wrong with my bike, how would you price that up?

Easy, we have an hourly rate of £25 per hour.  We can talk about the suitability of fixed price or hourly rate before we start work.

How does the no call out charge and no minimum fee work then?

Well, all you pay for is the work that I do on your bicycle.  Whilst we're prepared to go to the edges of the area we cover to only fix a £5 puncture and clearly that can't be economically viable I will always endeavour to piggy back another job on before or after, that way we're in the area.  However, if you call and need it fixing we will endeavour to get to you come what may!

This is all well and good but I don't live in your area and I need a mobile mechanic!

OK, so that last ones a statement rather than a question but bear with us, we're working on that.