At eZe Rider we're delighted to be working closely with schools,

organisations and manufacturers of bespoke cycles,

here's a few links to be getting on with...



Landed at eZe Rider but live outside our area?
Visit to find your local mobile mechanic.

Dr Bike.  eZe Rider IS Dr Bike in and around Stoke on Trent, we're not quite sure how we got the Dr Bike label or alter ego but we can assure you that you get the same great service and impartial advice if you visit us at one of our staged events as you do if you call us out privately.

 Free bike help to coincide with Tour of Britain race 
A significant step for eZe Rider has been gaining acceptance as a nominated mechanic for Staffordshire Police.  The baddies in and around Leek, Biddulph and Cheadle had better beware!
At eZe Rider we're passionate about bikes so it's great to meet like minded manufacturers and it's even better when we can work closely with them!  Clare at Trikidoo is offering a genuinely unique Tricycle and we're delighted to offer service facilities for her Trikes throughout the North West.
We're working really closely with Stokes Regeneration Team on exciting projects like training, marshaled rides to Port Vale and the Bike to Work Challenge.  Check out their website for full details.
A huge thanks has to go to Vic and his excellent team who run UK Triathlon for allowing us to provide mechanical support to the racers in the North West.  Come and say hello at the events in 2010.
MBR, probably the best Mountain Biking Magazine in the world!  Definitely the best forum, you'll see me as Sir_Queuesalot.
A superb site hosted by a good friend and experienced MTB'er and now a Down Hill racer!
Stoke on Trent's premier daily newspaper, they did a cracking write up on us! 
We love publicity we do!